6 Essential Skills Every Digital Marketer Needs to Know

6 Essential Skills Every Digital Marketer Needs to Know

Posted By Nitish Khanna | June 15, 2022 | No Comments | Digital Marketing
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Digital marketers work in a dynamic space that gets altered in quick succession. From implementing changes according to the latest Google Algorithm Update to using new features on social media platforms, they must be aware of everything in the digital world. They need to keep learning and improving to offer a 360-degree marketing approach to brands that maintain high visibility and customer engagement.

Since the SEO experts in Gold Coast have to operate in a highly competitive landscape, they need to acquire specific skills that make their strategies efficient and result oriented. While knowledge of digital marketing is essential, professionals need to imbibe a few vital skills to grab the attention of the customers and make the brand stand out in the crowd. So, here is a list of six of these talents that should be a part of the arsenal of a digital marketer.

1. Research Ability

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Digital marketers have to spend most of their time on the Internet looking for information about the competitive brands, the behaviour of the target audience on the social network, managing interactions with customers and finding all the user data related to search queries. Thus, they must know how to dig out relevant information from the vast ocean of information.

Besides collation of data, they must have the qualitative and quantitative research skills that allow marketers to make sense of the information collected through surveys, interviews and online research. They must have the ability to identify insightful information that can help the business to prosper. To find out valuable results from research, the marketer must be good at reading between the lines, looking at a topic from different perspectives and understanding the root of the matter. All these qualities aid in becoming a good researcher.

2. Social Media Knowledge

Social media platforms have emerged as the biggest challenges in the digital promotions race. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, etc., are the places where consumers spend most of their time and interacting with brands. Thus, digital marketers need to step up their social media expertise and understand how these platforms work, collect consumer information, provide insightful data, allow posting images, videos, and posts and much more.

Many online tools like Hootsuite allow scheduling the social media posts for an entire month to automate some of the workload related to managing so many sites. The marketer also needs to stay abreast with the latest developments and updates on individual platforms.

3. Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimization

All brands want to show up on top of the search results page and SEO makes it possible. When customers reach the website organically, they consider the business to be more authentic and credible. Although paid marketing is a big thing, it has not been able to obliterate SEO. The technique remains highly significant for marketers who should know every tactic of ranking on search engines using the best practices.

They should be well-versed with content optimisation and HTML to understand coding. They must be able to handle back-end problems and understand crawling tools. They should be trained in content marketing that helps in getting maximum conversions. Thus, SEO or SEM is a prerequisite for digital marketers to promote their business.

4. Analytical Ability

Marketers must interpret a variety of data that they get from Google Analytics, Facebook and other tools. Correct understanding of the information is significant to make the business understand the problem areas and the strengths of their marketing strategy. Besides identifying the opportunities and threats, the marketer should know how to utilise these opportunities by adjusting the techniques, content and campaigns.

It helps to ensure that the marketing budget does not get wasted and the resources are leveraged in the best possible manner. The analytical skills include the ability to find out the right keywords, understand the website traffic, bounce rate, landing page problems, website architecture issues, etc. The marketer also has to explain these inferences to the business owner and provide them with reports that have valuable information.

5. Design and Visualisation

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Digital marketing is all about creating visually appealing content that arrests the imagination of the customers. Thus, the marketers need to have design expertise, which helps them to create an immersive experience for the users. They should know how to do basic editing of images, videos and infographics to make them more attractive. They should have a vision for the web pages and must know what kind of composition of visuals and text will look good and engaging.

They must use the brand guidelines while using the design elements and create emails, social media pages, blogs, and videos accordingly. Also, the organisation of the content should not be garish or over the top, making the user feel bombarded with colour and visuals. A keen eye for using the right design elements is a necessity for marketers.

6. Paid Advertising Expertise

Pay-per-click advertising allows businesses to grow their reach and visibility while generating more conversions and leads. Thus, the marketer must be proficient in using Google Ads and Facebook Ads because more than 60% of the consumers click on them to buy products. While Google Ads appear on top of the search results, Facebook Ads are present on the social media pages of the consumers.

The marketer should be aware of the ad extensions that should be used to attract the attention of the buyers. They should know the techniques of improving click-through rates by using text ads, retargeting, using the right keywords and preparing mobile ads that get the maximum traction.


Digital marketing needs technical knowledge and the right skills to utilise the data efficiently. If you are planning to enter the industry or wish to hire a marketer who can do SEO in Gold Coast, you must make sure that they are skilled to perform the job.