9 Conversion Rate Optimisation Tips to Boost Your Rankings

9 Conversion Rate Optimisation Tips to Boost Your Rankings

Posted By admin | March 23, 2022 | No Comments | Conversion Rate Optimisation

Conversion rate optimisation or CRO in its simplest form is boosting the number of conversions on the website. It involves determining the behaviour of the users on the landing page to identify the problem areas that restrict them from clicking on the call-to-action buttons.

Conversion rate is not only about purchasing from the site, but it also includes various other actions like signing up for the newsletter, speaking to the support team, sending a message, etc.

CRO strives to optimise the site to improve the user experience and increase their likelihood of conversion. With the digital marketplace becoming cluttered with each passing day, it has become imperative for SEO experts in Gold Coast to adopt CRO into their digital marketing strategy. Higher conversion rates ensure better ranking and growth in sales.

Thus, here are a few tips to help you increase the conversion rate.

1. Improve Design

web design

Conversion rate is affected by the look and feel of the website and the landing page. The pages should have multimedia elements that are responsive and entertaining instead of reading paragraphs of content. Users must find it easy to navigate and use the site, which will inspire them to come back later for repeat buying.

The CTAs must appear more than once on the page but should not appear as spamming. The readable part should be concise and be organised with headings and subheadings. The colours and appearance should be in line with the brand image, and there should be a site search and voice search options for users.

2. Create Immersive Content    

The content on the landing page needs to be interesting, valuable, recent, original, and related to the business and the action required for conversion. The content should encourage the users to sign up for the emailing list or fill out the form. A drab and unimaginative copy can make the user bounce to another site without taking the desired action.

From the headline and the body to the formatting and the writing style, everything should engage the readers, inform them about the value proposition, and compel them to act. The latest technologies allow marketers to personalise the content for each customer like Amazon and it can work wonders in generating a positive response.

3. Simplify Form Submissions

The web forms must be short, simple, and easy to fill out. Complex and lengthy forms can turn off users and make them abandon the site after showing an initial response. Some of them might leave after looking at the length of the submission. Though they wanted to participate, they did not convert because of the highly detailed form that took a long time to fill.

Whether it is a newsletter sign up form or a message to the company, the form should not have more than five to six fields. Also, it must be designed logically and should have an intuitive flow that does not confuse or irritate the customers. The submit button should be highlighted perfectly to complete the conversion.

4. Boost Loading Time

loading time

Page speed is of utmost significance for CRO because most people leave the site if it takes too long to load. Ideally, the site should load within three seconds, which is the attention span of the user. However, most sites fail the page speed test because they have heavy images and videos on the pages, or the coding is bulky.

Thus, marketers must use Page Speed Insights to identify the content and code, which is making the site heavy and compress it to fall within the required loading speed. Also, the site should be optimised for mobile phones.

5. Prepare Imaginative CTAs

The CTA button needs to be highly visible and must persuade the buyer to act. It can be challenging to understand its appeal, and for this, the marketer should undertake A/B testing. It will help them identify the preferences of the target audience in terms of colour, size, copy, font, etc. Sometimes doing something out of the box helps in grabbing eyeballs.

Besides the usual ‘buy now’ or ‘add to cart’, marketers can work on creating innovative CTAs that attract immediate attention. These can be specific to the landing page, a high demand product, or a discount code. Unique and imaginative CTAs are also helpful in improving conversion rates.

6. Create Urgency

Customers will be keen on clicking the CTAs when they know that if they delay, they will lose out on a lucrative opportunity. Many e-commerce websites use the technique to drive sales, such as ‘buy now and pay later’, ‘last few items left in stock’, ‘order now for free delivery’, ‘last few hours of sale’, etc.

The fear of missing out will make the buyers convert quickly and increase the page rankings. The copy, language and design should convey a sense of urgency and so should the CTA, such as ‘act now’ or ‘call us today’.

7. Insert Live Chat

live chat

A lot of customers may be lost because they have a doubt or a question that does not get answered and refrains them from acting. Adding chatbots or a live chat window is one of the best ways to increase conversion rates. The functionality has been providing excellent results and high satisfaction levels as customers get answers instantly and get their complaints addressed immediately.

It is also valuable for marketers as they can inform customers about the latest offerings and persuade them to purchase. It helps in adding a personal touch and generating quality leads and contacts for email marketing.

8. Include Social Proof

Customers need to trust the business before making the purchase or clicking on the CTA. Therefore, business owners must use content marketing methods like testimonials, reviews and ratings provided by customers to build credibility. More than 80% of buyers read reviews before spending, so it is imperative to ask your loyal customers to talk about your products on social media and write positive reviews.

Marketers can also utilise social media influencers to generate buzz around the products and use the social proof on the site to influence buyers. The page can have a link to Google Reviews or a section containing testimonials to improve CRO.

9. Send Follow Up Emails

Abandoning carts is common among customers because they do not feel motivated enough to buy. However, it displays that the user is interested in the product and can purchase if encouraged. Thus, marketers must create follow up emails for such customers by offering them a discount code or a quick reminder about the sale ending in a few hours.

It is possible that they may have forgotten about it and the reminder email can get them back on track. You can add a link in the email for them to directly reach the page and start again from where they left.


Marketers working on SEO in Gold Coast have a lot of tricks up their sleeves. Conversion rate optimisation is one of them, which helps in gaining higher traffic, more sales and better ranking. So, make sure that you use the tips mentioned above to gain maximum conversions.