The Best Way to Converting Website Traffic into Leads

The Best Way to Converting Website Traffic into Leads

Posted By admin | April 3, 2017 | No Comments | Conversion Rate Optimisation
Increasing website conversion

Conversion rate optimisation is one of the best ways of converting website traffic into leads. Not many people in the digital marketing world are knowledgeable about how to leverage on the conversion rate optimisation strategies to convert website traffic into leads and ultimately increase their revenue. Worst of all, even some digital marketers who are well- versed with the technicalities of SEO don’t know about it. It is something they decided to leave for Google analytics gurus.

Today, most successful digital marketing companies have put conversion rate optimisation on the forefront. Because it is the best technique to grow your business and continue earning more revenue from your existing customers.

What exactly is Conversion Rate Optimisation(CRO)?

Conversion rate optimisation is a process of increasing the number of visitors to a website and converting them into completing the desired action or turning them into customers. Such actions include making purchases, signing up for trial, and much more. In doing so, businesses can generate more leads or sales without investing more money on the website traffic hence increasing profitability.

The Benefits of Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) and Why is it Necessary to Invest In?

According to our SEO specialists at Netvision, paying attention to CRO is one way of improving your online marketing efforts. In fact, if done correctly, it is such an important strategy that is pretty good to maximize your incoming web traffic. In doing so, you can gather their information and nurture them into customers. So, here are the benefits of conversion rate optimisation

Understanding your Customers

Understanding Your Customers: Because conversion rate optimisation involves split testing and research about which products your customers need. It helps you to better understand them and get to know what they prefer. This is possible by scrutinizing how your visitors interact with your online store and the challenges they face. So, this kind of data gathered will help you to develop a buyer’s persona that will assist you in knowing the type of customers you are marketing to and which products they want.

Increasing Profitability: By far, this is the most crucial benefit of conversion rate optimisation. Improving your conversion rate strategies leads to a massive increase in the return on investment

Leveraging Your Website Traffic: Although conversion rate optimisation is not about driving more traffic to your site, it ensures that the current traffic properly converts into customers.And most important, is the fact that the conversions continue even without investing in more money.

Lead Generation For Your Website

Improves Brand Perception: Improving website design as part of conversion rate optimisation strategy, it makes your website to look more professional and legitimate . As a result visitors to your site build trust and give more credibility to your brand.

Outranking Your Competitor: By working on different aspects like reducing bounce rate, working on your content and even social media activity through checking and testing increases the chances of your site performing better thus outranking your competitors.

Reducing Your Risk: Because you in most cases first test and prove the concept, it gives you an opportunity to develop something that will actually work.

Conversion Strategies

How to Optimise Conversion Rates?

According to the conversion rate optimisation report, 2016 and research by RedEye, most successful companies have already discovered the most valuable methods (strategies) used to improve conversion rates to be used now and in the future. With that said, here are the conversion rate optimisation strategies.

1. Adding Multimedia

Adding a short descriptive video on your landing about the product in action increases the reader’s attention span and ultimately the conversion rates

2. Formatting a Clear and Catchy Headline

A headline is one of the first noticeable things on a landing page. And having it done right can boost the website’s conversion rate to a great extent

3. Use of Magical Words

Use of magical words like “FREE”, “NEW”, ANNOUNCING” have the ability to even double the conversion rates of a product and ultimately an increase in the return on investment

4. Using Friendly Pop-Up Forms to Get Subscribers

Using friendly pop-up forms on any website converts visitors into subscribers. These email subscribers increase your retention rates and generate constant customer conversions.

5. Identifying Customer Needs and Giving Value Proposition

Providing value that satisfies customer’s needs, prompts them to click onto the call to action button that is based on the user’s intention with the least amount of time possible thus converting them into customers.

Call to Action for Your Website

5. Use of Contrasting Colors for Your Call-To-Action (CTA) Button

A good color of a call to action button which pops up on the background of a web page converts better. Using the green or red color of the call to action button can cause a significant improvement in the conversion rate.

7. The Position of Your CTA Button

The positioning of the pricing call to action button above the fold boosts conversions. This is a hypothetically tested strategy that works by shifting the click through rates

8. Testimonials Of Your Product or Services

Displaying real testimonials that emphasise the benefits of your offer will absolutely convert visitors into customers, but such testimonials should bear real names and photos of real customers

9. Showing off Award Badges and Certifications

Displaying award badges correctly on your website home page is another great way of increasing conversion rates because these have a tendency to increase trust among the new visitor on your website.

10. Adding Security Seals

Security seals are extremely important on e-commerce websites to eliminate possible Doughty among customer’s uncertainty of their credit cards details not being secured. Once the customers are assured, then sales are boosted

11. Including Live Chat

Online business entrepreneurs who use the live chat feature on their websites to offer support have their conversion rates increased periodically compared to those without the live chat feature.

CRO is a good signal for the SEO for your website as well. Netvision is a Gold Coast based SEO Company that generates great content, creates attraction, action, and conversion. Conversion rate optimisation is just art, putting a little bit of attractive copy around your CTA makes the customer feel comfortable about their decision.