Content Marketing: Authenticity In The Age Of AI?

Content Marketing: Authenticity In The Age Of AI?

Posted By Nitish Khanna | April 12, 2023 | No Comments | Content Marketing
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Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is the technological innovation that has swamped the world with its exceptional abilities. Emulating human intelligence, AI allows machines to learn from experiences and provide solutions for various challenges. AI is increasingly becoming a part of marketing by utilising chatbots, voice assistants, the Internet of Things, the customisation of social media feeds, etc.

Whether it is banking, travel or e-commerce, AI is getting adopted everywhere to automate arduous tasks and increase efficiency. Naturally, digital marketers in Gold Coast have also started using it for content marketing, which has increased the scepticism related to the authenticity of online content.

Let us help you understand how businesses can maintain their authenticity in the age of AI while using automation for content marketing. A simple rule is that brands must adhere to their vision and values to showcase their reliability. Here is how they can continue to retain the trust of their customers while automating content.

How Is AI Used in Content Marketing?

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Writing unique and relevant content that resonates with the target audience is the core of content marketing. Writers use their creative ability and knowledge of customer demographics and psychographics to write emails, social media posts, articles, blogs, infographics, whitepapers, etc. They have been using their writing skills to create online content, advertisements and campaigns that evoke the desired response from buyers.

However, with the advent of AI, original content can be generated through tools like ChatGPT, AI Writer, Hyperwrite, Rytr, Jasper, etc. These tools come in handy for SEO experts in Gold Coast because they do not have to wait for hours to get the content written by humans. It is also cost-effective for businesses since they no longer require the services of a team of specialised content writers and copywriters for the job.

A significant advantage of using AI in content marketing is that it keeps improving itself with every new experience. It has the ability to learn and adjust, which makes it as good as a human brain. However, it is also crucial to understand that it is not actually human because it does not share the same feelings and emotions. The content generated by machines cannot have the human touch and emotional connection that can be felt in the writing of a living person. Thus, human intervention cannot be eliminated from content marketing.

How Google Views AI-Generated Content?

Google is not propagating a ban on AI-generated content because it can benefit small businesses which need a variety of content. However, the tech giant emphasises that automated content must be used responsibly and not to gain higher search engine rankings.

The search engine has reassured that poor quality automated content will not be able to replace original and valuable content from the search results because Google is constantly working on improving the quality of its results. The tech company is focused on elevating content that fulfils the demands of the users in the most significant manner.

Google’s automated ranking system brings up useful, relevant content with authentic information and follows the E-E-A-T (experience, expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness) guidelines. Thus, machine-generated spam content created for the purpose of higher rankings is not going to help businesses that are involved in unethical SEO in Gold Coast.

How Can Brands Maintain Authenticity in the Age of AI?

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With the use of AI becoming prevalent in the digital realm, it has become challenging to differentiate between genuine and automated content. Authenticity is a critical requirement to stay on the first page of the search page results. It enables customers to trust the brand because the communication showcases their values and enhances customer engagement.

Authenticity ensures that the company is honest and works transparently to satisfy the needs of the buyers. Also, businesses cannot completely rely on AI to generate informative content because the data cannot be trusted. Here is how brands can maintain authenticity in the age of AI.

1. Use AI for Content Creation With Human Intervention

Businesses can use AI to generate the outline of a blog or an idea for an infographic. It can reduce the burden on the writers and get their creative juices flowing when they are struggling with a mental block. The options offered by the AI tools can give them a kick-start, and they can take it forward with their own inputs and customisation techniques. It can help marketers who regularly need a huge volume of content to maintain multi-channel marketing efforts.

2. Do Not Use AI for Factual Information

When writing content involving statistics and facts, it is better to avoid using AI tools. They do not have access to all the secure sources of information and may not have an updated database. So, topics that change frequently need effective human research with correct facts and figures. An article with outdated information will be considered misleading by the readers and irrelevant by Google.

3. Use AI to Create Highly Targeted Campaigns

Machine learning can be best utilised for creating targeted online campaigns that speak directly to customers of a specific age group, qualification level, social background and buying capacity. AI can use the data collected through Google Ads and Facebook Ads to identify the patterns and create an optimised campaign that generates maximum leads and conversions. It ensures the business’s marketing budget is well-spent and accomplishes its goals.

4. Utilise Your Writers For Brand Connections

Business owners and marketers must understand that AI cannot replace humans entirely. The personal connections that need to be built with customers to evoke loyalty and brand advocacy can be achieved through human interaction. Chatbots and AI-generated content cannot build a rapport or understand the feelings of the target audience.

Brand promotions require understanding the needs of the customers and delivering messages that cater to them. The language and tone used by the brand can get distorted when using AI. Thus, content marketing can be successful when it is authentic and aligned with the vision of the business.

Wrapping Up

The best way to integrate AI into content marketing processes is to use it to automate recurring tasks. It will help to free up the time of the writers and marketers to focus on improving the customer experience and human interactions, which will bring higher revenue.