Everything You Need To Know About Google Search Ads 360 Update

Everything You Need To Know About Google Search Ads 360 Update

Posted By admin | March 2, 2022 | No Comments | Digital Marketing
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Google Search Ads 360 has been around for a decade and has undergone astounding changes during this time. With digital marketing becoming a sought-after promotional tool among marketers, the campaign management platform has evolved immensely to cater to the growing demand for innovation in online advertising.

The recent update from the tech giant involves some smart new Google Ads features, a revamped user interface, and improved assistance for other search engines. The changes will reflect on the platform over the next few months and have got everyone excited.

The update has been developed from the feedback received from advertisers and aims to enhance user experience and allow marketers to make informed decisions. Marketers leveraging SEO in Gold Coast expect the new features to bring more effectiveness and value into the system. So, here is everything that you need to know about the latest Google Search Ads 360 update.

Renewed Version with A Strong Foundation

Strong Foundation

Search Ads 360 (SA360) is a management tool devised for Google Ads that allows marketers to monitor their campaigns. The recent update is aimed at providing users with a better experience by offering an integrated platform for managing all the campaigns in one place. The advancement will help advertisers to enjoy swift navigation and get support across search engines and advertising channels.

A striking feature of the SA360 update is that it has been reinvigorated using the technology that facilitates Google Ads. The use of the same technology makes SA360 capable of processing a huge amount of data without impacting the speed of delivery. Thus, marketers can consolidate their projects and get support for the latest Google Ads features, including Discovery Campaigns and Performance Max.

It makes advertising smoother and highly advanced by providing support for third parties like Microsoft Advertising and Yahoo! Japan. It gives the freedom to edit campaigns from multiple accounts in the same interface and monitor the cross-engine performance of campaigns. Thus, the process will become more efficient through the addition of automation and streamlined management.

Benefits of Unified Campaign Management

  • Marketers can make changes to the search marketing campaign in real-time based on the changes in the market. SA360 utilises machine learning to automate keyword bidding that ensures the optimum performance of the campaigns across connected search engines.
  • It allows connecting search ads with digital channels to determine the performance of marketing efforts on various platforms in the same interface. It helps in creating a unified tag management system using Floodlight.
  • SA360 offers insightful data in the form of reports and attribution tools about the customer journey, which allows marketers to make improvements to the campaign. It helps in the collation of data by uploading information about offline conversions and cross-channel performance in one place.
  • Advertisers can make the most of SA360 by optimising their search campaigns for mobile phones using mobile bid automation and geo bid adjustments. It has become imperative to use this feature as most consumers look for products and services on their Smartphones these days. It helps in reaching them anywhere and at any time. Since prioritising customer intent is one of the pre-requisites in 2022, you need to take advantage of this feature.
  • The updated version of SA360 offers a new look and feel while increasing the speed of navigation. Users can enjoy the same pace and user experience as they get from Google Ads. The simplified interface has made integration seamless and enhanced productivity by organising the workflow. Thus, it saves a lot of time, making it more efficient and productive.
  • Its superior search engine support feature has been initiated through a partnership with third parties, which aids advertisers to use the features of other search engines from SA360. Thus, you can now access Dynamic Ads for Search and sitelink extension scheduling from Yahoo! Japan and several other features from Microsoft Advertising, such as call extensions and responsive search ads.
  • Advertisers can now centralise their daily tasks in one place, including campaign management and automated rules and labels. The features earlier known as inventory management and ad builder have now been combined into one element under the name ‘template’. It will help in automated campaign building and making updates at scale using the marketer’s own data feed.
  • The budget management feature has also been replaced with ‘performance centre’ that will help users to include enterprise planning capabilities such as better-quality estimations across search engines to examine various proposed settings for media budget planning.

Why Is the Update Significant?

Update importance

The digital marketplace is becoming cluttered by the day, and competition is rising. Thus, marketers need effective management of search marketing campaigns to accomplish their sales targets and boost conversions.

The advanced features have been put in place to support advertisers to make the most of their promotional activity and have a consolidated workspace to monitor the progress of the campaigns and make changes in real-time. Its dependence on machine learning makes it more productive and successful, with valuable insights and data integration for maximum comfort.


SEO experts in Gold Coast have been eagerly waiting for the features of the new SA360 to unfold in the coming months to enjoy more streamlined search campaign marketing. As a marketer, you should brush up on your knowledge about the update to utilise it in the best way possible.