Free Digital Marketing Tools for Small Businesses

Free Digital Marketing Tools for Small Businesses

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It is for a fact that the future of the world resides in the digital world, that is growing at a breakneck speed. The major mode of communication is the internet. Digital Marketing plays a vital role in connecting to the masses. Further, it also helps in converting successful leads for the small and big entity. The growth is continuing unabated with this changing world.

An entrepreneur always looks to create a ‘successful campaign’ that generates capital. There is a variety of campaign which includes the use of email campaigns, social media, online videos, and banner ads on websites. The sole strategy behind creating this campaign is to reach to masses. But this won’t be feasible without digital marketing tool. Digital marketing boons business regardless of the size and type of entity.   

Since decades, digital marketing is ever evolving and to stand out affirm to lead and marshal the talent and innovative culture is really noteworthy.

If we discuss this in detail, SME’s have to face various challenges while dealing with a digital marketing tool. Budget constraints, limited resources, growth challenges etc are some of those problems an SME’s have to deal. With the help of this tool, an individual has its infinite reach with minimum investment. It paves the brighter future for the small industry. Digital marketing has bridge the gap between the entrepreneur and target audience. With the aid of this platform, a client in his country can directly discuss business with his corresponding person living in abroad.  Hence, the result is that it has reduced the cost of moving from one place to another for meetings and conferences.

Owing to this platform, an individual can find the right client with all the required information about a certain business. This tool is very fruitful and helps in enhancing your business with utmost ease. And in this aspect, digital marketing experts will play a vital role.

1. Google Analytics

Google Analytics’ is considered as one of the most powerful analytical tools. It is ideally used in tracking your website’s traffic and for all kinds of market research and business research. The best part is that it is completely free. It helps you in finding important details such as how people are browsing the website, how they exploring it, and how you can enhance their experience. With the aid of this tool, you know which part isn’t doing well or not converting into leads.

This tool has transformed the style of doing business. Now, it is not only confined to specific geographical boundary but it is unrivaled beyond the boundaries. Budding entrepreneur is taking benefits of ‘Google Analytics’ to get the details about the visitor (on his website) from every nook and corner of the world.

2. Google Keyword Planner

Without objective data, keyword research is like a shot in the dark. Your online business will be a huge success if you know the usage of high-volume keywords. Various online tools are available to review the performance of your website. With the aid of SEO, you can rank your website higher and it will appear among the top search results. This tool helps the customer to see your website.

The content in your website should be stuffed with right keywords. Usage of the right keyword is a key to enhance more traffic to your website. ‘Google Keyword Planner’ is a vital tool helps you in analyzing the high search volume keyword.

3. Uber Suggest

If you are looking to advertise on the internet, usage of the right keyword is vital. Right keyword not only offer relevant search but it also helps in ranking your website.

With the aid of ‘Uber Suggest’, you can steer a lot of people to your websites. The best part is that you don’t have to pay a dime! And as soon as you give the keyword, it will immediately give you an almost unlimited list of alphabetized and numerical keyword variations.  SEO experts at Netvision are using this tool to enhance the performance of various websites. The power of keyword helps you in knowing the target audience. An individual can build many lucrative websites in the niche of their choice using these results.

4. MailChimp

Online business has completely transformed the traditional business. Turning a business idea into reality requires a lot of hard work and dedicated efforts. It doesn’t happen overnight. Hence, usage of digital marketing plays a vital role. A successful entrepreneur knows that there are four stages of a business model which includes preparation, creation, implementation, and evaluation.

Email Marketing plays a vital role in the success of any business. For example, if you create a successful email marketing campaign, you will able to witness a huge rise in sales, retention and customer satisfaction. In order to tackle traffic leak, an individual should present their readers or visitors with the option to sign up for your mailing list. Hence, the result is a continuous marketing at very low-cost. Additionally, you will be able to expand the reach and attracts more traffic and subscribers to your blog or website. Effective ‘Mailchimp’ generates repeated sales and a healthy relationship with your subscribers.

5. Evernote

As the name implies, it’s a tool that helps you in all kinds of notes making. It is basically a notetaker, PDA, pocket notebook, to-do list, etc. The beauty of ‘Evernote’ lies in the sinking ability. It can sink across all your devices, and across all your operating systems. Owing to this ‘Evernote’, you don’t have to face the hurdle of maintaining a piece of paper or notebook having important information on it. This application helps you in streamlining your desk from a jumble of notes and folders to a single note making tool. However, you can only use two at the same time. Owing to the following distinct features, ‘Evernote’ standout the best

  •         It has the ability to share notes and whole notebooks.
  •         It has the ability to take and attach pictures to a note.
  •         It has the ability to take and attach voice memos and audio for a note.
  •         It has the ability to attach files (spreadsheets, images, docs) for any note.
  •         It has the ability to scan text in a photo using Optical Character Recognition technology.
  •         It has the ability to set reminders.
  •         It has the ability to create checkboxes.


Before starting your business you need to ask one simple question.  “Are you on the hunt for creative digital marketing tactics to enhance your business credibility?” And the answer should be yes. These tactics are widely applauded by the majority of online marketers, as they are designed under the supervision of experts. ‘IFTTT’ is ideally used for automation tasks. ‘IFTTT’ stands for “if this, then that” and it possesses a lot of “channels” to connect and create “recipes” with. Various channels are using this platform for the creation of automation task. It is also used for “URL Shortening”. For “URL shortening”, what required is to connect our Bitly account to ‘IFTTT’. Then, click on the account name in the upper right and choose “preferences”. Further, scroll down until you see “URL Shortening”.

It also helps the customer in automating sharing. For instance, if you are a writer and you publish a new article on your sites; an update is automatically posted on the site of your choice. With the aid of this tool, you can enhance both ‘Hootsuite’ and Buffer experiences. The power of automation helps in increasing the visibility on social channels and building increased authority for the website.

  7. Asana

‘Asana’ is project managing software. This software is ideally designed for teams to track their work—and get results.

It helps in enhancing the productivity. Through this software, you can realize your responsibility and your next steps are very clear means your target so that you can achieve it.

‘Asana’ is created with a vision to support your company team collaboration, stay on the track, keeps your project’s budget within the limit and effectively completes your projects within the defined time frame. This software possesses all the capabilities to deal with all the complex projects of your business without interruptions. Various firms are using this software to enhance their business. ‘Asana’ believes in doing great things together.  

  8. Google Trends

Another important tool is ‘Google Trend’. It is ideally used for those businesses that are seasonal in nature. With the aid of this tool, you can keep a track that what terms are searched for over time. Hence, it will be a great help while using the term for advertising purpose. The ‘Google Trend’ helps you in attaining the “high volume keywords” searched in a particular period of time.   

In a broader spectrum, ‘Google Trend’ is one of the best and most versatile SEO tools. As you know ‘Google Trend’ doesn’t come with the actual search numbers. So for the proper output, it can be used in combination with the ‘Keyword Planner’. It will give you a clear picture to compare the level of interest among potential target phrases.  

9. Yoast SEO (Word Press)

Word Press SEO by Yoast is rated as one of the best optimization plugins. The ranking is an integral part and for that Word Press require the best configuration and useful plugins to help him in that task.

Meta description and post titles are some of the advantages of Word Press SEO. For an instance, if you are writing a post or page, you will be provided with a box to fill in the title, description and the keywords that you are targeting.

Another important aspect is the Meta robots settings. Under this category, you leave some of your posts and pages from being indexed by the search engines. Yoast SEO is very fruitful in getting

  •         More Visitors from Google and Bing
  •         Attract More Visitors from Social Media
  •         Increase Your Readers’ Engagement
  •         Optimize every page for up to 5 keywords
  •         Internal Linking
  •         Readability check
  •         Full control over your breadcrumbs
  •         No duplicate content
  •         Technical stuff in the background
  •         Automatic Updates and upgrades

10 Canva (Infographics)

‘Infographics’ are used extensively, it is believed that ‘‘Infographics’ leaves better influence or are considered as the better performer.

‘Infographics’ is ideally used to attract genuine attraction on social media. Hence, the result is healthy engagement and conversion of valid leads. Owing to use of ‘Infographics’, you can drive the better traffic on your websites.

‘Infographics’are widely used; it grabs attention with utmost ease. Moreover, it is simple to understand and is more engaging than the texts. The target audience can easily retain this in memory. Additionally, trigger call to action is better in infographics. Use of ‘Infographics’ is a part of marketing strategy, yields fruitful results.   


Internet marketing has emerged with leaps and bounds and developed its own marketing strategy. In order to match the growing requirement, myriads of marketing tools, approaches, and techniques were introduced and ‘Bitly’ is one of them. ‘Bitly’ is classified as a free link shortening and tracking tool. This tool is ideally designed to monitors traffic and referrals via custom links and displays detailed analytics about clicks, location, referring websites and activity. ‘Bitly’ tool is very handy for publishers and businesses alike. It helps in centralizing article-level analytics for all the content on our site.   



Digital Marketing Tools are created with a sole vision to create, build, manage and promote an online business. These marketing tools are competent enough to automate the process and therefore save considerable time for the user.

‘Listly’ is a handy tool for curating and sharing all sorts of lists, on any topic from film to technology, education to marketing. People engage in various businesses can follow your lists and upvote their favorite items to achieve higher website rank. By using this ‘Listly’, you can share your interests, involve your audience and collaborate with friends. The advantage of this tool is that it understands all kinds of links and media such as YouTube, SoundCloud, Images, Places, Products, People, and Apps. What required is to enter a link, or search for media and add them to new or existing lists. Creating a list is just matter of minute with the ‘Listly’.


Digital boom makes the content market easy and smooth. The digital marketing is growing with a rapid speed. Hence, the tools are created to make your business highly profitable.

‘SendPulse’ tool made marketing as simple as possible. Artificial Intelligence, hyper-personalization, predictive analysis for email, SMS, web push, SMTP are some of the key attributes that make this tool high in demand in the market.   This integrated messaging platform supports a wide array of methods like email, SMS and web push notifications. By accessing the free version of ‘SendPulse’, you can send up to 15,000 emails to 2,500 unique subscribers each month. Additionally, it also gives access to enhanced features like analytics, autoresponders, personalization, split-testing and a template designer.