How Content Marketing and Social Media Work Together

How Content Marketing and Social Media Work Together

Posted By admin | April 12, 2022 | No Comments | Content Marketing
Content and social media marketing

Digital marketing is a cost-effective and highly targeted way of reaching customers efficiently. Content marketing and social media are vital parts of the comprehensive digital marketing strategy and often work in tandem to achieve the desired goals.

The rising consumption of social media and content posted online has made these tools an indelible part of every promotional project. Thus, SEO experts in Gold Coast suggest working on them together to reach the target audience.

Content marketing and social media can complement and promote each other because most of the content can be marketed through the social media pages of the business. When the marketer bundles them together, it creates a cohesive marketing plan to reach the customer through several touchpoints.

So, here is how content marketing and social media work together to build a strong campaign that is helpful in grabbing eyeballs online.

Difference Between Content Marketing and Social Media

Content social media marketing

Content marketing and social media often work hand in hand. While social media marketing is restricted to the social network, content marketing includes other platforms like blogs, podcasts, articles, etc.

Although both involve the creation of content that is shared online, the purpose of the content is a bit different. Most social media marketing is driven toward customer engagement, while content marketing emphasises educating the customers about the products and services.

Content marketing requires the creation of unique, relevant, informative, and valuable content that helps in promoting the brand. Social media marketing is more focused on using social platforms like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube to reach a wider market and improve brand awareness. It is also used to gather feedback and keep the customers satisfied with prompt responses to their queries and complaints.

The combination of Content Marketing and Social Media

Let us understand how they can work together to distribute content online through an integrated approach.

1. Combined Promotions

The content developed can be shared through the social media pages of the business to increase its reach and allow it to be shared. It is possible to post a variety of content on social media, including blogs, infographics, demo videos, articles, case studies, etc. These may not get the same attention from the target audience when they are uploaded on the company website.

However, social media has higher penetration and response rate and generates extensive views. The marketer must edit the posts according to the character limit and the trend on the platform to get the desired visibility. Usually, a creatively written short synopsis for the blog with its link and image is the best way to promote blogs on social media.

2. Two Way Communication

Two way communication

Uploading content on social media allows the marketer to engage with the customers and enquire about their content needs. It helps them to generate articles and blogs that are needed by the customers and are consumed quickly because of the demand.

Thus, it helps in creating a win-win situation as the marketer gets new ideas for content generation and the customers get the information they need from the company.

3. Focus on Conversions

When using content marketing along with social media marketing, the marketers can work on increasing the reach of the content through paid ads. Facebook Ads and promotional stories on Instagram allow targeting buyers with the content they want to consume. It helps in getting higher conversions as more people with a buying intent consume the content.

4. Build Brand Ambassadors

User-generated content is vital for the business as it helps in promoting the brand through authentic sources. The marketer can encourage satisfied customers to create videos while using the product or giving a positive review, which can be circulated through social media for promotions.

The user-generated content acts as a testimonial and helps in converting loyal customers into spokespersons for the brand. It works wonders in extending credibility and is more powerful than using social media influencers for brand endorsements.

5. Use the Analytics

use of analytics

The performance of content shared on social media can be easily measured through analytics. The metrics can help in determining the reach and popularity of the content. It helps the marketer to identify the posts that generate interest and reactions from the users.

Thus, they can assess which content is well received by the audience and which is rejected. It helps them to refine the content strategy and work on what is preferred by the customers instead of wasting time and effort on unappealing data.

6. Revive Old Content

Social media platforms can be used by the content marketing team to repost old blogs and articles that did not get much attention in the past. Usually, when the brand is in its nascent stage, a lot of valuable content churned out by the marketing team gets unnoticed.

However, social media helps in reviving the old content and getting the desired attention when they have sufficient followers.

7. Schedule Your Content Calendar

Tools like Hootsuite allow content marketers to schedule their posts in advance for the entire month. So, when they are busy creating new content and assessing feedback, posts keep getting uploaded. In the dynamic and cluttered digital space, it is significant to stay visible and accessible and scheduling helps with the same.


Social media marketing and content marketing enjoy a symbiotic relationship as they both need each other to achieve promotional goals. Thus, SEO experts in Gold Coast suggest using them together to make the marketing process robust and synchronised.