How To Write For Landing Pages To Boost Your Conversions

How To Write For Landing Pages To Boost Your Conversions

Posted By Nitish Khanna | January 25, 2019 | No Comments | Content Marketing, Conversion Rate Optimisation

It may not have occurred to you, but the content on your landing page is precisely your last shot at converting the site traffic. While search engine optimisation works wonders in bringing qualified leads to your site, the content on the page holds the power to make or break the conversion rate. If the page disappoints the readers, then no amount of PPC and social media campaigns can salvage you from the inevitable danger of losing valuable leads.

A high converting page is a prerequisite for a substantial online presence which drives sales. Content is a vital part of the digital marketing strategy, and it should be taken seriously by business owners to score customers who are interested in their products or services. In order to reduce the bounce rate and improve the click-through-rate for call-to-action buttons on your landing page, you need high quality, relevant, exciting and original content. Our local SEO experts have summed up the basics of writing for the landing pages which help to boost conversions. Here is what you need for an interesting landing page.

1. Stick To Your Campaign Objectives

Many marketers create a new landing page for a campaign which has a specific reason such as increasing the email list, signing up for a free trial, calling for a quote or amplifying the sales. Now if the user lands on this page and gets confused with the offers and doesn’t get to the point of hitting the CTA, then the purpose of crafting the page is defeated.

Thus the page should be designed with its goal in mind rather than bombarding the user with irrelevant information. Don’t fool them with tricky headlines; give them the information they are looking for to get the desired clicks. The focus should be on generating a positive user experience that leads to conversions using an effective content marketing strategy.

2. Write An Immersive Copy

Nobody has the time and patience to read a long copy in today’s fast-paced world. Thus it is imperative to keep it short, simple and succinct as you have only a few seconds before the reader gets bored and bounces off. So it is essential to be straightforward with the idea and break the page into three defining parts – a catchy headline, the body copy with valuable information and the call to action.

Do not forget to optimally utilise your keywords and provide answers to the questions popping in the mind of the customers. The messaging should be clear and without any room for ambiguity. You can utilise bullet points and text boxes to create an impact instead of just using paragraphs of text.

3. Entice The Readers With Visuals

Images and videos are the keys to creating an engaging user experience. Most of the visitors skim through the content. The popularity of videos can be gauged from the fact that the appearance of videos on Facebook feed has increased 3.6x year-on-year.

It is evident that web pages with images and videos get more traction as it helps in breaking down the copy into smaller text sections and improves its readability. Visual content like images, infographics, and videos has more appeal and prove to be more effective in arousing curiosity among the customers.

4. Persuade The Visitors To Take Action

Call-to-action is a significant marketing tool that boosts conversions by inviting the users to respond. It is usually a button with a phrase like ‘add to cart’, ‘shop now’, ‘contact us’, ‘read more’, ‘subscribe’ etc. It is the deciding factor between bouncing away and clicking through to become a customer. The CTAs can be put anywhere in the copy and as many times as you want.

In fact, more CTAs improve the click-through-rate. They should be strategically placed in order to catch the attention of the reader and must stand out with bold colours and text. They must create a sense of urgency to incite action through words like ‘now’ or ‘today’.

5. Faster Loading Time For More Conversions

Besides writing a great copy and filling it with appealing visuals, you need to ensure that the page gets loaded at lightning speed. With every second of delayed loading time, you end up losing multiple potential customers. You need to optimise your content to make the page load faster.

You can resize the images and compress the site as well as install Google Page Speed Insights to know more about improving the speed. Also, make sure that the design of the page is responsive to all screen sizes like mobile phones and tablets as most of the traffic comes from Smartphones.

6. Revising And Reviewing The Content Regularly

The digital world is filled with constant updates and what is considered fresh today will be lost in oblivion tomorrow. So it is vital to revisit your landing pages and update them with the latest information. Also, you must keep reviewing them to check if the content matches the requirements of the users or not.

The information must sound credible and trustworthy to the visitors and must provide a solution to their problem. You can update the CTAs or include intriguing headlines according to the changed layout or content to keep the page fresh in the eyes of the customers.

7. Monitoring And Evaluating The Performance Of The Page

There is no proven formula or guide for designing pages that resonate with your target audience. Trial and error learning will help you to reach the best outcomes. You can create two versions of the same page and get them surveyed or get them tested by users to check which one performs better through the use of Google Analytics.

You can opt for A/B testing or split testing to know which one is generating higher conversion rates. Once you have found what works with your audience, you can leverage it to your advantage.


The above mentioned best practices can help you in creating an effective landing page which gets more conversions. You must remember that the landing page is an extension of your marketing strategy and must direct the users towards clicking on the CTA. So go ahead and incorporate these elements in your copy for a magnified conversion rate.