Small Business Owners Guide to the Google Universe

Small Business Owners Guide to the Google Universe

Posted By admin | May 20, 2021 | No Comments | Digital Marketing, SEO

Processing 3.5 billion search queries every day, Google is the go-to place of every netizen. From finding people, places, and products to gathering information and shopping, the search engine giant grants every wish of the users. Most small businesses utilise its free tools for their everyday functioning, such as Gmail, Google Docs, Hangout, Google Calendar, etc. However, there is much more to the Google Universe than these simple tools used by everyone.

Digital marketing agencies in Gold Coast utilise the resources offered by the world-famous tech company to help small businesses make their presence felt online. If you want to gain higher visibility and traffic online, you must exploit these tools to become productive, acquire new customers, and gain a competitive edge. So here is your guide to leveraging the Google toolkit to help your small business grow.

Google My Business Profile

Small businesses can benefit significantly from creating and regularly updating their Google My Business page. Local customers looking for goods and services in your area can quickly find your business through this tool. It allows them to know the hours of operation, contact details, and delivery information of the business. Thus, it becomes easier for your target audience to discover your business/store when they search for the products you are selling on the search engine or maps.

With a business profile on Google, you can present your business in the best possible manner and promote its unique features to make it stand out. Also, the tool is free and allows you to share photos, create posters and stickers for your business. It gives you the opportunity to engage with consumers who are spending more time online. It helps them to send you a message, land on your website and provide a review, which helps in increasing sales. In addition, you can track the number of calls, messages, and followers you acquired through the business profile.

Google Ads and YouTube Ads

Customer acquisition can become a cakewalk with Google Ads, which helps in boosting visibility and diverting traffic to the company website. The ads appear on the top spot on the screen of the customer when they are searching for similar products and services online. It aids in enhancing online sales for e-commerce sites and generating more leads. It also helps in growing the number of in-store visits from customers who want to buy after examining the product.

Google Ads helps the business owners to stick to their budget as it allows a monthly budget cap. Also, it can be paused at any moment and changed, depending on the needs of the business. Marketers who want to grab the attention of their audience through video ads can opt for YouTube Ads that help in engagement, high ad recall value, brand awareness, and motivation to act. Videos are considered more powerful as they offer the brand story and an immersive experience that stays with the target audience.

Google Analytics

Measuring the outcome of marketing efforts is necessary for every business, and Google Analytics helps in this regard perfectly by providing details about website traffic, bounce rate, source of traffic, time spent on every landing page, conversions, etc. Thus, the marketer can recognise how he needs to improve his website to meet the needs of the audience and what is working in his favour.

The stats help in targeting the right customers with relevant information. It aids in evaluating the performance of ad campaigns and other marketing initiatives, such as an email campaign. Thus, the marketer can refine the ads according to the data that informs about the effectiveness of the ads. Google Analytics is also highly essential for understanding how competition is faring and which social media platforms need to be targeted.

Solutions For Retailers

Small retail businesses have to compete with the big players online and thus, can make use of Google Retail. The free tool allows business owners to list their products on the search engine and utilise the shopping campaigns to reach more customers globally. It offers a way to become a trusted Google Store, which adds to the credibility of your business and helps in higher customer acquisition. Your customers can make the purchase on Google after looking at the product listing so that they do not have to leave the page.

The Australian streetwear brand, Culture Kings, improved its revenue by 33% using the Merchant Centre and Shopping campaigns that helped the company to surface their products on all the Google properties. With consumers spending more time indoors after the pandemic, these solutions are sure to catapult your business to new heights of success.

Industry Overview

A marketer needs to be aware of the latest happenings in the industry to stay updated. Tools like Google Alerts help by sending out an email to the entrepreneur whenever any news or update related to their industry or topic of interest surfaces online. It helps marketers to track the posts and reviews being posted by customers online as well as keep track of the conversations surrounding competitor’s products. Google Trends is another tool that aids in identifying industry trends, popular search terms, keywords, related keywords, etc. It enhances SEO in Gold Coast for better search results.

The Public Data Explorer offers data and predictions made by several established institutions such as the OECD, World Bank, University of Denver, etc., to help marketers gain a deeper insight into public data.

Remote Working Tools

Remote working has become the need of the hour, and more companies now realise the cost-effectiveness of this work method. There are a plethora of free tools offered by the tech company that aid in the smooth functioning of the business from any part of the world. Collaboration between teams has become easier and effective with Gmail, Google Meet and Google Drive that allows sharing of documents.

Since training and skill development has become a part of employee growth, businesses can take advantage of courses and certifications offered by Google to improve the capabilities of their workforce. Think With Google is yet another repository of industry insights, case studies, articles, and interviews of thought leaders that provide marketers with valuable data.


Google is the magic wand that can work wonders for small business owners by helping them find, attract, and retain customers. This is the reason why digital marketing agencies in Gold Coast rely on the ever-growing Google Universe to bring the local brands on top of their game.