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    Social Media Management on the Gold Coast by Netvision

    Have you ever wondered how effective Social Media Marketing could be for your business? The simple answer is: “Very!”. If you are not using Social Media Marketing (SMM) for your business then you are missing out on hundreds if not thousands of potential customers. Facebook alone have almost 2 billion active users browsing their social media platform on a daily basis. There are many more advantages of SMM than simply the 'Likes' and 'Shares' that most people associate with SMM. People visit social media platforms to interact with their friends or families but if targetted correctly, they can be a huge source of quality leads waiting to be converted into customers.

    Having a planned and effective Social Media Strategy is a must for any business in the 21st Century. It is one of the most prodigious ways that you can publicise your brand in the online business industry. Netvision have tested and managed numerous social media platforms and found that it can be a brilliant source of new and repeat traffic especially for local business here on the Gold Coast. Restaurants, Cafés, even luxury properties, perform extremely well on social media platforms with a good percentage of user engagement. Netvision are SMM professionals and we have an expert team that offers unique SMM strategies, all tailored to fit your business requirements. We are familiar with and skilled in all Social Media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Google+ Twitter & Pinterest.

    Social Media is not only a great fit for your online branding but it can help improve your search engine rankings as well. Social Signals are one of the key buffer sites that provide a good authority to your domain. Do you want to boost your website traffic from precise social media marketing and management? If so (and who doesn’t!) then give Netvision a call on 1300 448 556 and increase your website traffic today!

    Redefining Social Media Marketing and Analysis on the Gold Coast

    Every Social Media Platform (SMP) has their unique online environment and marketing tactics. Some strategies that may perform well on Facebook may not perform as proficiently on Instagram. All SMP are a major source to spread awareness of your brand or product in your targetted location or industry. Facebook in particular provides a highly targetted market for their clients.

    Say you are in the real estate industry and wish to get leads for a particular property then you can target your users with interest in 'Business', 'Finance', 'Advertising' and more. You can even choose to show this ad only to users in a specific age bracket and industry. For example, those who are 30 years or older and who are self employed. Unlike AdWords, Facebook Ads targets the user based on their interests and demographics.

    It is possible to see positive results while spending less than $10 a day. There are multiple types of big marketing formats with Facebook Marketing, and Netvision are the Facebook marketing experts.

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    Types of Social Media Marketing
    Cost Per Click (CPC)

    You only pay when someone clicks on your Facebook ad and gets redirected to your brand page or website. You can optimise your maximum bid per click and your daily budget.

    Cost Per Mille (CPM)

    This method produces really impressive results for brand awareness in a targetted market. You pay per thousand impressions on your Facebook ad. If optimised properly, this option can improve user engagement for your brand tremendously.

    Optimised Cost Per Mille (oCPM)

    This is a form of CPM ad campaign where Facebook displays your ad to people who their metrics believe to be most likely to engage or perform an action based on your optimised Ads.

    Cost Per Action (CPA)

    This is the type of ad campaign where you pay Facebook when users perform a specific action after they see your ads. For example, 'Like' and 'Share' your Facebook Page, app installation and so on.

    There are ad package options currently available on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest. It is important that you know the result that you are looking for from your social media campaign in order to see satisfactory results.

    Another huge advantage of Social Media Marketing is that you can easily track your budget spend, return on investment and the performance of your ads. Social media is a relatively cheap source of advertising but mainly because it is more about brand awareness than marketing a specific product. People don’t visit a Social Media Platform to shop or look for a service. They go to interact with their family and friends. In order to attract their attention, it’s important to create unique, eye grabbing ads that can deliver results.

    Facebook Power Editor and Ads Manager can help you track a huge range of performance metrics to help you gauge the current performance of your Facebook Ads. The information provided in your Facebook Ads Manager includes

    • The number of clicks or any other action a user has performed on your page such as Post Like, Share, Comment etc.
    • The Average cost-per-like, cost-per-conversion or cost-per-click of your ads based on your specific requirements and user-tracking.
    • The total number of times your ads were shown to different users. Usually termed as Frequency. It is highly important to keep a note of this metric if you are using CPM as your main Facebook campaign.
    Surprisingly, even in 2019, there are many, many businesses who would benefit greatly that are not using Social Media Marketing for their businesses.

    Mostly, the reason is because they believe they won’t be able to get good results from this marketing strategy. Netvision can show how your business is missing out on a major untapped market if you are not actively using SMM. You can literally gain a huge number of leads and sales from a Netvision targeted Social Media Campaign.

    People claim cost is a factor in not having their own SMM campaign. Yet, only ten years ago, these same companies were happy to spend $40,000 or more on a Yellow Pages ad that they had little control over. With the right SMM, you will spend a fraction of the cost of Yellow Pages but with much greater impact.

    If you want to attract people’s attention towards your business or want to increase your brand awareness, then this is one of the best social media marketing strategies. This is especially true if you are targeting your local area. This marketing strategy works brilliantly in the food and hospitality industry, where our local restaurant owners are making advance reservations based on their Social Media Campaigns alone. Don’t delay! Contact Netvision today for your free, no-obligation appointment so we can advise you on the complete Social Media Management Solutions here on the Gold Coast.

    However, it is surprising how many businesses that do SMM end up destroying their ROI because of poor optimisation. Leave this out! Hire us for effective SMM campaign for better visibility.

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