The Future of Voice Search and its Impact on Digital Marketing

The Future of Voice Search and its Impact on Digital Marketing

Posted By Nitish Khanna | August 9, 2023 | No Comments | Content Marketing, Digital Marketing, Home
future of voice recognisation in digital marketing

The modern world is filled with a gamut of gadgets that are making our lives simpler with more complex technology at work. The highly sophisticated devices have enabled voice searches that have eliminated the need to type. It has taken the utilisation of search engines a notch higher by offering hands-free access to smart devices like smartphones and virtual assistants. With consumers using voice searches every day through Google Assistant, Siri, Cortana and Amazon Alexa, it has become imperative to use this tech for marketing.

The use of voice search is expanding increasingly with the presence of voice-enabled devices in every home. Also, the accuracy of results offered by these gadgets has helped enhance the popularity of voice search. Let us understand how the future of voice search will impact digital marketing and bring changes in strategies. It will help business owners in Gold Coast to increase their visibility and stay relevant in the dynamic industry.


The Rise and Importance of Voice Search

Voice search has become a convenient way of searching for information, products and services for consumers. There were 5.7 million smart speaker owners in Australia in 2019, and the numbers have gone up significantly. They use AI voice assistants at home and smartphones to play music, ask questions, set alarms and reminders, and get news and weather updates.

Consequently, businesses need to optimise their voice search strategy to make their presence felt. Marketers suggest adjusting the website and content to optimise their techniques for effective SEO in Gold Coast, which helps to rank higher in voice search results. It is the ideal way to beat the competition and captivate the audience.

How Voice Search Will Change Digital Marketing?

Voice search has brought about significant changes in the field of digital marketing that business owners must understand. Let us look at the voice search marketing techniques.

  • Use of Long-Tail Keywords

When users give a voice command to smart devices, they use conversational language to search for information or products. The search terms are much longer for voice than typed searches. Therefore, businesses following the latest trends related to SEO Gold Coast must use long-tail keywords in their content to appear in voice search results.

They can identify the relevant long phrases appropriate for their business with the help of tools like the Google Keyword Planner. These must be embedded in the titles, content and meta descriptions.

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  • Appear in Featured Snippets

If businesses want to capture the market share of customers using voice search, they need to show up in the results. The information the smart devices offer is picked up from the featured snippets. Thus, businesses vying for the attention of their audience must appear in the featured snippets. They must get ‘position zero’ in the search results to get the traffic that is usually taken away by the business appearing in the first position in the results.

  • Optimise the Website for Smartphones

Most Australians use a Smartphone and often use it for voice searches. It is vital to make the website and user interface mobile-friendly to generate traffic and retain the attention of prospective buyers. The loading time of the web pages must be short, and they must have an arresting design optimised for mobile screens. It must allow easy navigation and tapping of the call-to-action buttons.

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  • Invest in Local SEO

Most of the voice searches made by customers are for products and businesses in their geographic location. Therefore, it is essential to optimise local listings, such as the Google My Business Page. It must have the latest contact details and business hours. It lends credibility to the business and helps buyers find the physical store or office without any impediment.

  • Use Audio, Video and Conversational Content

Search engines consider high-quality content to be valuable for customers and rank them higher to provide relevant and satisfying results to users. Therefore, SEO experts in Gold Coast suggest creating informative, engaging and original content that resonates with the target audience.

It should have natural language style content that can be used as an answer to their queries. It must include videos and images to get featured in the search results of smart devices with video output. Businesses should also create audio content that can be heard on the device, such as podcasts, audio blogs and audio books.

  • Data Must be Structured for Voice Search

Voice searches are usually questions. Thus, the content should be prepared in a question-answer format and should have conversational language to find a place in the voice search results. The search engine must be able to understand the data and use it as a search result. So, it must have clear, concise and relevant headings along with short descriptions that can appear in search results.

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Wrapping Up

The use of voice search is expected to increase significantly in the next decade as smart devices become omnipresent. Marketers offering SEO in Gold Coast must accommodate changes in their strategy to meet the requirements of voice searches and stay ahead of the competition.