What Are The New Updates In Digital Marketing?

What Are The New Updates In Digital Marketing?

Posted By Nitish Khanna | September 15, 2022 | No Comments | Digital Marketing
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The digital marketing industry is an evolving and developing field that keeps surprising marketers. Search engines and social media platforms keep innovating and renewing processes to satisfy customers and improve their user experience. It makes them come up with new updates in the digital marketing domain, which often change the game plan of businesses.

Thus, marketers and SEO experts in Gold Coast need to be vigilant of the trends and news that can affect their campaigns and search engine results. You can lose a fair share of the market and sales if you are not watchful. So, here is a rundown of the new updates in digital marketing that should be considered while designing the subsequent strategy.

Online Advertising Updates

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Here are the updates concerning ads on social media and search engines. These changes will impact the impressions and conversions. Thus, marketers need to take note of them.

1. Google Will Disapprove Non-Conforming Ads      

The tech giant is all set to begin disapproving ads that do not match Better Ads Standards from October 2022. It applies to those ads that contain experiences that are not accepted by consumers and make them install ad blockers. Marketers must remove such ads before the due date to avoid getting affected by this update.

2. Google Upgrades Smart Shopping Campaigns

Beginning September 2022, the Smart Shopping campaigns will get upgraded to Performance Max spontaneously to increase the reach of Google ads on all its platforms, including Search, YouTube, Gmail, Maps and Discover. The Performance Max upgrade will aid in boosting conversions while offering Smart Shopping features.

3. Facebook Live Shopping Is Going Away

The Facebook live shopping feature will cease to exist from October 1, 2022. However, live streaming will continue to work for users. The feature allowed marketers to live stream their sales for the customers to make purchases. So, businesses using these campaigns must end them in September.

4. Facebook Launches Advantage+ Shopping

The social media platform has been working on using machine learning to make advertising simpler for businesses. Consequently, they have rolled out Advantage+ Shopping campaigns that do not require the manual creation of ads. It creates ads for marketers and helps them split test 150 options simultaneously. The new functionality has brought good news for advertisers who can save money and time and get better conversions with this update.

5. Twitter Rebrands Advertising Product Suite

Twitter announced in August that it has updated its advertising product suite and has reduced its individual ad format names to only five from more than 22. Also, Twitter Pixel has been updated to help marketers to track customer actions. The process of integrating Pixel has been simplified as well for the comfort of advertisers.

Search Engine Marketing Updates 

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Search engine optimisation is the best way to generate website traffic organically. Here are the latest updates in this category that you should know.

1. Google’s Helpful Content Update

Google announced its Helpful Content update in August, which aims to reward relevant and valuable content that satisfies customers with a higher ranking. Also, it will remove those sites from the results page that do not follow SEO best practices or offer high-quality content. The update will affect the ranking of several sites that have been writing content for search engines rather than users. Thus, it is time to remove all irrelevant and keyword stuffed content from your business website and ask an SEO expert in Gold Coast to review the site.

2. Google to Remove International Targeting Feature

Many businesses do not provide services outside specific locations and thus do not want traffic from those areas. Thus, Google has announced that the international targeting feature will be removed from the search console to ease the unwanted traffic issues.

3. Google Changes Privacy Threshold In Analytics Reports

The privacy threshold will be updated for Google Analytics and Universal Analytics. The threshold maintains the anonymity of the user by reporting those search terms that have a large volume. Thus, marketers will not be able to find any search-based information about the keywords they have bid for if it does not have a high search volume.

Social Media Updates

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Marketers use social media to reach their target audience cost-effectively and engage with them to develop customer loyalty and brand awareness. So, here are the updates in this domain that can matter to you.

1. Twitter Will Launch an Edit Button

The popular social network will be adding an edit button to the post sections, which will allow the users to edit a tweet for up to 30 minutes after it has been posted. However, the feature would be accessible to only the Twitter Blue subscribers, and others will have to pay to use it.

2. Instagram to Add Topics In Reels

Instagram is working on creating a feature ‘add topic’ for reels, which will help the user to reach its target audience by adding topics of common interest through this feature. Instagram will use these topics to recommend reels to its users and increase the visibility of content.

3. LinkedIn Introduces Pin Comments Feature

LinkedIn has come up with a new feature for the comments section that will allow the user to pin comments below a thread. It is available to both business profiles and individuals. It will help in boosting the visibility of valuable responses.

4. YouTube Will Include Podcasts

The video-sharing social platform has been working on creating a section specifically for podcasts. It will help to avoid the uploading of podcast videos or static content with just a photo and audio on the video-based platform.

5. Meta Creator Studio Offers Reels Scheduling

Reels are becoming all the rage among social media users, content creators and influencers. Meta will now allow the scheduling of reels on Facebook and Instagram to be scheduled like the posts and videos.

Also, the reels on both platforms will now have the features of adding stickers and will provide reels insights. These will be beneficial for marketers who are using reels to attract the attention of the audience.


New updates change a lot on the backend and the way advertisers and marketers use their content. It is essential to be prepared for them and adjust the campaigns, posts and other content accordingly to stay up-to-date and avoid missing out on your audience.