What Is Email Marketing And Why Is It Important?

What Is Email Marketing And Why Is It Important?

Posted By Nitish Khanna | October 30, 2023 | No Comments | Content Marketing, Digital Marketing, E-Commerce
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Email marketing is one of the oldest and most potent digital promotions that can capture the attention of customers effectively. It was first used in 1978 with a bulk email being sent through Arpanet to market DEC machines. The campaign proved to be immensely successful, generating $13 million. However, the technique was later abused by several marketers to send unsolicited emails to individuals. It led to the creation of the term ‘spam’ for junk emails that filled up the inboxes of customers.

With the advent of Smartphones, it has become easier than ever to directly reach the inboxes of the target audience, who can access them on the go. Also, customer data helps to personalise emails and target only those customers who have shown interest in the products. It is still one of the most influential digital marketing tools. So, let us help you understand email marketing and its importance in growing the business. It will help you prepare the right messages and email lists for your promotions.

What Is Email Marketing?

Email marketing involves sending promotional emails to the target audience to accomplish business goals. It is the best tool to reach and communicate with customers directly. It can be used for all types of buyers at different stages of the sales funnel, such as awareness, interest, engagement and conversion. It can be customised to build long-term relations with buyers and generate the desired response. Gold Coast SEO experts use four marketing email types to attract buyers. They are:

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  • Promotional Emails

The emails informing customers about special offers and discounts are known as promotional emails. They are intended to evoke an action from the buyers and contain ‘Call to Action’ hyperlinks with engaging content and visuals.

  • Email Newsletters

Newsletters are an effective way to entertain, inform and educate customers about the brand and its offerings. SEO Gold Coast help attract subscribers who are sent monthly business newsletters to keep them engaged.

  • Transactional Emails

These are automated emails sent to customers after they have initiated an action on the company website or in the store. For example, order confirmation emails, abandoned cart emails to remind customers of products waiting in the cart, and password reset emails after the customer clicks on forgot password prompt.

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  • Retention Emails

Retention emails are sent to existing customers to get repeat orders from them. It aims to build a loyal customer base that keeps coming back for new purchases. For example, an email with a discount code only for the loyalty club members to make them buy again.

Why Is Email Marketing Important?

Gold Coast SEO professionals often recommend email marketing to increase brand awareness, engagement and visibility. Here are the benefits of using email marketing for your business.

  • Emails Are Used By Everyone

Marketers suggest using social media channels when looking for the best way to reach your target audience. However, emails have a larger reach because everyone uses them. It is essential to have an email ID for various reasons and verification needs in the digital era. However, many people may still not be using social media. Thus, email marketing scores over other digital marketing techniques because it reaches a large number of customers.

  • Affordable Marketing Technique With Returns

Marketers use email marketing despite several other digital marketing techniques available to captivate the audience because it leads to conversions. It has been offering businesses the best return on investment because of its affordability. Most target buyers are influenced to purchase when they get a promo code in the email or are reminded of their abandoned cart. Also, the free email marketing tools make it easy to send automated messages without any hassles or expense.

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  • Send Direct Messages to Customers

Email marketing is considered highly effective by SEO consultants in Gold Coast because most customers view it. The social media posts can get lost in the stream of feeds getting refreshed every minute, but emails reach the inbox directly. They get clicked more often because of the ability of personalisation and a catchy subject line. Also, customers who subscribe to the mailing list will look at the email content. Thus, businesses can send the desired targeted messages to the target audience.

  • Email Marketing Can Be Easily Measured

The email marketing tools used by businesses offer insight into its effectiveness by offering details of bounce rate, click-through rate, website traffic generated through the emails, conversion rate, sharing rate of emails, spam complaints and revenue generated from the campaigns. It helps marketers understand the performance of the campaign and the reasons why it failed. Thus, they make improvements quickly and reduce the number of customers opting to unsubscribe from the mailing list.

Wrapping Up

Email marketing is integral to digital marketing and SEO in Gold Coast because of its ability to increase brand recognition and sales. The customisation feature helps tailor content to meet and retain customers’ needs.