What Is Mobile Marketing And Why Is It Important?

What Is Mobile Marketing And Why Is It Important?

Posted By Nitish Khanna | November 16, 2023 | No Comments | Content Marketing, Digital Marketing, E-Commerce, Home
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Mobile phones have become the lifeline of most individuals who cannot imagine spending even an hour without the device. The handheld gadgets have become highly sophisticated and advanced in the past few years. The compact tool carries a large amount of data, a camera, a contact list, photos, videos, emails, messages, etc. Smartphones with high-speed internet connectivity allow users to connect with others through social media, contact people through telephony, shop online, make digital payments and complete work assignments.

With a large part of the day spent browsing mobile apps, websites and digital channels, it has become imperative for Gold Coast businesses to use this device for marketing. It has been predicted that 87% of Australians will own a Smartphone by 2026. Also, 5G technology will make the device more user-friendly and fast. It ensures that mobile marketing is an integral part of digital marketing. So, let us understand what mobile marketing is and why it is important. It will help you choose this avenue to reach your customers in a better way.

What Is Mobile Marketing?

Mobile marketing is the promotion of goods and services using targeted content for smaprtphone and tablet users. It began in 2002 when SMS was used to advertise products by marketers. It is considered highly effective because it can be location-specific and gets delivered to the right audience, who are highly likely to read it. Mobile marketing has come a long way from spamming and is now used to send customised messages to customers for building relations and generating conversions.

It has diversified from a simple text message into in-app marketing, social media marketing, QR code marketing, multimedia messaging, location-based marketing and more. Most hospitality-based businesses and small retailers use SEO Gold Coast to get noticed and mobile marketing to grab local customers in the vicinity. Geo-targeting helps to gain visibility among customers looking for products and services online through location searches. Since online shopping with the help of Smartphones is on the rise, businesses need to leverage mobile marketing.

Why Is Mobile Marketing Important?

Businesses cannot ignore the prominence of mobile marketing because the target audience is checking their phone screens throughout the day. This is why SEO experts in Gold Coast insist on making the company website mobile-friendly. So, here is a list of the advantages of using this marketing technique.

  • Utilising Location-Specific Targeting

Mobile targeting involves using the device location data of customers to send relevant marketing messages. It includes tracking the GPS data and IP addresses of the target customers to send advertisements. Thus, buyers can find products and businesses in proximity, and it helps marketers target specific territories to get the best results. For example, if the user visits a restaurant in a specific area, marketers can send messages to food businesses present in the vicinity.

  • Boost Social Media Sales

Mobile marketing includes social media ads because they are viewed on handheld devices by customers. Thus, Gold Coast SEO professionals suggest using social media marketing to increase brand awareness, credibility and engagement. Marketing through Facebook, Instagram, X (formerly Twitter), etc., helps to boost conversions.

  • Affordable Marketing Method

Mobile marketing is much more affordable than producing and broadcasting TV commercials and radio jingles. It is even cheaper than print ads in newspapers. The latest digital branding trends, such as multimedia messages and text messages, do not need a large budget and can be delivered to the user affordably.

  • Delivering Customised Content

Personalisation is the most effective way of engaging and building relationships. It has made SEO experts in Gold Coast recommend segmented targeting to send out messages that are relevant to the users. Thus, businesses can easily send personalised messages to buyers at a reasonable cost that will get viewed and make an impact. 

  • Fast and Direct Accessibility

Users who are looking for entertainment or information can ignore ads on social media and search engines. However, text messages and pop-ups on sites are always viewed by buyers on mobile phones. They have a high click-through and conversion rate. Also, sending personalised messages after customers have shown interest in the products increases the probability of conversions. The purchase process can be completed with a few taps on the phone screen and quick and secure payments.

  • Flexibility to Choose Marketing Technique

Mobile marketing is highly diversified and can be used through various channels, such as mobile-friendly websites, text messages, social media, in-game ads, QR codes on TV screens, emails, SMS, MMS, etc. Mobile phones help increase the shareability of video content since most users browse social media channels on their mobile phones. Many also use these devices to enjoy streaming platforms that can deliver customer ads.

Wrapping Up

Mobile marketing is pivotal in reaching customers directly and sending highly customised messages. It helps to create an immersive experience and measure the success of the campaigns to understand the return on investment. Without mobile marketing, growing your business in the digitally connected world is challenging.