What Is Video Marketing And Why Is It Important?

What Is Video Marketing And Why Is It Important?

Posted By Nitish Khanna | November 3, 2023 | No Comments | Content Marketing, Digital Marketing, E-Commerce
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Videos have become the most prominent tool to grab attention on social media platforms. Since text is no longer garnering the desired traffic, it has become necessary to try different video formats for visibility. From short viral clips and demo videos to live coverage and long interviews, a variety of video types are used by marketers to engage the target audience.

Consequently, the use of videos is taking centre stage because they are getting the maximum traction. More and more businesses rely on this tactic to increase brand awareness and customer base. Consumers usually skip the texts and images to look at videos because visuals are processed faster by the human mind than words. Let us understand the concept of video marketing and its significance for businesses. It is vital to use this technique to stay ahead of the competition.

What Is Video Marketing?

Video marketing is the process of promoting a brand and its products and services online with the help of different types of videos. These can be uploaded on the company website and social media channels, and developed into advertisements to inform, entertain, educate and engage the audience. Short videos have become highly popular lately, with Instagram Reels, TikTok videos, YouTube Shorts and Facebook posts generating a high volume of traffic. Professionals working on SEO Gold Coast often suggest using videos to increase website traffic and brand visibility because of their high viewership.

Video marketing can be used along with content marketing to make short videos from blog posts and get views and shares. It is an effective way to get followers on social media and help them associate emotionally with the brand because of the content in the videos. Since the audio-visual medium makes the maximum impact on the audience, it has become the most powerful tool for building a customer base. Examples of video marketing include demo videos, brand videos, How-to videos, webinars, interviews, event videos, client testimonials, etc.

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Why Is Video Marketing Important?

Video marketing is gaining momentum because of the popularity of the format among the target audience. It allows brands to engage customers through compelling content that gets shared on social media and becomes viral. Social media influencers have taken advantage of this content format to gain the viewership of millions. Let us understand how video marketing can benefit business owners.

  • Inform and Educate Your Audience

Business owners who want to teach their audience about the features of their product can use videos effectively. For example, Apple Vision Pro used an informational video at its launch to educate the audience about the technology and its utilisation. These videos are also helpful in building trust and developing relationships with buyers.

  • Increase Brand Visibility

Videos are immersive and engrossing if they have content that resonates with the target audience. SEO Gold Coast recommend adding videos on web pages to reduce bounce rate and increase engagement. Also, posting videos on social media helps to get website traffic and generate leads because of the impact of storytelling and emotional connection. They usually suggest using product demos, testimonials, repurposed blogs, and creative videos for entertainment.

  • Videos Offer Excellent ROI

A variety of tools and smartphones help to make videos quickly. They can be edited with special effects and captions in a few minutes, which reduces the cost of production. Since they have a high probability of getting viewed, the return on investment becomes outstanding. Also, they stay on the social media feeds longer and need not be updated to get views.

  • Videos Enhance SEO

If you are looking for high search rankings, Gold Coast SEO experts suggest using videos on the company website and social media channels. Google shows the most liked and viewed YouTube videos in its search results. Websites with videos are given preference by search engines because they make users spend more time on the pages. They also help to improve the visual appeal of the website and the quality of content, which has made them a prominent digital branding trend.

  • Mobile Phone Users Love Videos

The number of Smartphone users has been growing, and most are viewing, downloading and sharing video content every day. Businesses creating mobile-optimised videos with the help of their SEO professionals in Gold Coast can reach a wider audience quickly. Since watching short videos on mobile phones has become the favourite pastime of most adults and teenagers, it is easy to get the message across through this type of content.

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  • Increases Conversions and Traffic

Video content helps generate the desired response from the target audience because of its impact on their minds and sensory organs. For example, if the video shows the product’s benefits at a reasonable price, the viewer is highly likely to purchase it. Marketers can get more clicks, form submissions and sales through this type of marketing. Also, their performance can be tracked, and the content can be tweaked to accomplish business goals.

Wrapping Up

Videos are the first thing viewers notice on the webpage and the most viewed content type on social media. They have innumerable benefits for businesses because they capture attention and increase credibility and conversions. Thus, video marketing should be adopted by all companies to stay ahead of their competitors.